Helping Humanity


Meals provide hope

Hunger is more than missing a meal.  It’s a debilitating crisis affecting every corner of the globe. In fact, hunger and malnutrition is the number one health risk worldwide.

The USANA family believes in loving life and living it, yet 842 million people do not have enough food and basic nutrition. We strive to deliver the fundamentals of health and hope every day around the world.


Immediate aid

The USANA True Health Foundation is in 20 countries around the world.  Dedicated to disaster relief, we work aggressively to ensure immediate help and resources are provided to those in desperate need.

The USANA family donates money, nutritional products, medical supplies, water, personal-care items, and critical materials to save lives and rebuild communities.

It’s a part of us

Giving Back

The USANA True Health Foundation officially began operations in 2012.
USANA Health Sciences created the Foundation to enable the USANA family to expand and enhance their ongoing charitable efforts.

USANA believes in loving life and living it and that being part of a healthy family is essential. Connecting our worldwide family of Associates and customers to worthwhile projects focused on nutrition, disease prevention, and better health is at the core of our global activities.

A unique advantage

100 %

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. covers all of the Foundation’s administrative costs, allowing us to use 100 percent of every dollar for charitable purposes.  This is very rare among charities and we are dedicated to using our funds wisely and efficiently.  Our partners are carefully examined to ensure that donations can create the greatest impact around the world.

$1 equals four meals

A single dollar can make a world of difference

In the hands of the USANA True Health Foundation, every dollar makes a world of difference to someone in need.  Each dollar can provide four healthy meals to hungry children. In 2016 alone, we provided $1.6 million in food aid equaling 6.2 million meals. No donation is too small to make a life changing difference.

Let's Do This Together


Your donations relieve suffering and save lives.